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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sell my jewellery to Gold Refiners?

Nothing! Postage delivery and insurance is completely free. Even in the unlikely event that you are not completely delighted with our offer, we'll send your items back to you free of charge.

How do I know I'm getting the best price?

When you sell directly to Gold Refiners you're cutting out the middleman gold buyers. As a British-based business (London Hatton Garden), we've been buying gold for over 23 years and have the operational experience to deliver an efficient cost effective service for all of our customers. Gold Refiners is consistently ranked in the top three gold buyers on the major UK gold comparison websites.

Do you really provide the quickest service?

Yes, if you request a pack before 2pm, you should receive the pack in the post the next day this will contain a Royal Mail next day delivery envelope, so when you take it to the Post Office we receive it the following day. We call all our customers the same day that their items arrive and can arrange immediate payment, so you really can get cash for your gold in the next 48 hours!

Is my gold insured?

Yes, we take care of the postage and insurance up to the value of £500, which you can be increase at the Post Office if needed.

Do you buy other precious metals?

Yes, not only do we buy all forms of gold but we also buy all forms of platinum, palladium and silver.

How do you value my jewellery?

When gold is received by Gold Refiners, it is carefully weighed using calibrated scales and weights are checked against customers' advised information. Our valuation is based on the pure precious metal content within your item and data is entered directly into our system which generates customer receipt and process control forms.

Can I send broken jewellery to Gold Refiners?

Yes - all items are valued on their weight and carat, so regardless if its scrap, damaged or simply unwanted jewellery we will always give you the best price.

What if my jewellery has not got a hallmark, should I still send it to Gold Refiners?

Yes, most foreign and old jewellery is not hallmarked but this does not affect its value. We will test to identify the carat and use this in our valuation.

Do I get a choice of payment options?

Yes, you can either be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

Are there any catches i.e. if I don't accept your offer?

No catches. Our reputation is spotless and we intend keeping it that way. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, then simply tell us and we will return your items to you free of charge.

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